Teena Flanner

Teena Web ImageTeena Flanner’s life and art has always been intertwined. When Teena was a young mom she supported her children with papier-mache. Now many years later her studio is shared with her grandchildren and her big, old-found lab, Willie. Teena has a published book Papier Mache Treasures with Teena Flanner and is a member of the Country Living Guild. She has also been featured in Victoria, Southern Lady, Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion, Mary Emmerling’s Country, and Country Living. Teena has a passion for what she creates with papier-mache, luscious silk ribbons, vintage molds and sparkly glitter. Strange as it may seem, Teena Flanner was the first artist to incorporate snowy glimmer in her pieces back in the 1980’s and it actually met with some resistance. With an imperfect, softly glimmering, always-vintage look, Teena’s pieces will be heirlooms of tomorrow.

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