Lori Mitchell is coming to Atlanta!!!

Lori Mitchell Comes to Atlanta!

ESC and Company, Inc. proudly announces that renowned folk-art artist Lori Mitchell will attend the upcoming January, 2016 Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market, and make a personal appearance in the new ESC showroom (building #2, 7th floor, room #740) on Friday, January 15, and again on Saturday, January 16.

Lori Mitchell has been creating unique papier mache folk art characters for the past 17 years. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Lori finds inspiration in children’s literature, old illustrations and toys. She is drawn to the warmth and magic that vintage pieces evoke. “They stir something deep within us … a quiet, peaceful place, a sense of belonging, a time of simple pleasures…” She works diligently to evoke the same nostalgic feelings in her designs while including a touch of whimsy and modern flare. Lori’s use of color and expression, attention to detail, and general sense of humor brings her designs to life. Her work sparks the imagination and child in all of us.

In 2002 Lori partnered with ESC and Company to allow her creations to reach a broader audience. ESC is the exclusive source for hundreds of licensed reproductions of Lori’s fantastic designs, including many brand new creations that will debut in the upcoming 2016 Atlanta show. Lori’s designs have not only endured into their second decade, but are continuing to broaden their appeal to new customers and admirers each year.

Lori resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, three young children and a spunky welsh terrier … all of whom supply her with limitless inspiration.

Join us in Atlanta in January! Come see for yourselves what is newest from America’s truly “collectible” folk-art master-builder, and meet the artist herself – Lori Mitchell!


Happy National Dog Day to our Furry Friends!!!

So I found out this morning that it is National Dog Day!!!  (My boss is going to start questioning my blog posts one of these days, but hey, it’s a holiday, we sell seasonal gifts…I think that on some level it works!).  I wish I would have know about this earlier, I could have better planned for the celebration!!  But even without puppy cake and party hats, we can still celebrate!  So let me introduce you to the dogs of ESC!

Meet Griffin Jacob (the picture on the left is Griff as a puppy, the picture on the right is Griff today).  Griff is the furry son of customer service rep Shelly.  Griff is a 12 year old Golden Retriever (or as Shelly likes to call him, a Golden Recliner…Griff thinks he is a lap dog!).  Griff is quite skilled in the trick department and is one of the most patient dogs I know…I have seen him sit with a treat on his nose forever, just waiting for the command to eat it!  Griff loves to chase squirrels, and actually catching one is on his bucket list!  Griffin likes to spend his days snoozing, especially when he can find a nice warm spot in the sun.  As Shelly likes to brag, “Griffin is the best dog EVER!!”

Little Griffin (2)big Griffin (2)

Next up is Lucy Loo.  Lucy belongs to Fran, who also works in customer service (if you have ever called ESC, you have probably talked to Fran!).  Lucy is a terrier mix and is 6 1/2 years old.  She enjoys chasing rabbits and squirrels and sunbathing.  Her main goal in life is to save her family from the red laser pointer which has infiltrated their home!  She always has the protection of her family at heart, sleeping in the bed each night to make sure it is comfortable and testing as much of her people’s food as possible…to make sure it hasn’t been poisoned!  She makes sure to get in lots of naps where she can…protecting her people is a tiring job!  Fran will be the first to admit it: Lucy is her baby and she wouldn’t have it any other way!


Pete Rose, better known as Petey (to avoid any confusion) is the nephew of customer service manager Nick.  Petey originally hails from the Phoenix area.  Petey is a rescue dog, an American Bulldog mix who is around 8 years old.  Petey’s likes include eating, playing with his rope, laying in the sun, and complaining.  It doesn’t matter what the issue is, Petey is sure to have his opinion heard!


And then there is my brood!  I don’t even know where to start here!  Meet Margarita.  Margie is a 4 year old Chihuahua.  Although small in stature, Margie has a BIG personality!  Her skills include finding the smallest areas of the house to hide in (her current favorite is under the bed), stirring up trouble, stealing treats, and extreme face licking.  Her best friend (and favorite place to sit) is Snoopy.

Margie and SnoopMargie Sleeping

Meet Snoopy!  Snoopy is a 7 year old dalmation/lab mix, and is a rescue dog.  Besides being Margie’s BFF, Snoop is the ultimate lover.  Weighing in at about 90 pounds, Snoop is the biggest lap dog you will ever meet!  Snoop loves long walks, short walks (any kind of walk really), snuggling and playing with his babies (his stuffed animals).  Snoop is one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet.  And if you do ever meet him, prepare yourself for a big hug and lots of kisses…Snoopy has never met a stranger!

Snoop Dog1

Next up is Penelope, AKA, Meeps.  Meeps is a Pomeranian/Pug mix and will be 9 years old!  By far the prissiest of the group, Meeps loves dressing up, dancing and getting her hair blown out.  But don’t let that girlie demeanor fool you!  Meeps is the strong independent type, and has no problem letting you know who is boss!  A big dog trapped in a small dog’s body, she likes to rule the roost!


Next up is Carmen.  Like Meeps, Carmen is almost 9 and is a rescue.  A Norwegian Elk Hound mix, Carmen is the strong, silent type.  She loves chasing squirrels and much to her pride (and my dismay), she has caught a few in her day!  Her goal in life is to run free and she is never happier than those times where she breaks loose and gets a taste of true freedom!  Carmen’s favorite food is donuts and she prefers to spend her days outside, soaking up the sunshine!


Last but not least is Bogey (AKA Boges, Bugs, Booger, Boo, Boo Rat, Bubbah, Boogie, Boogie Boo …it is a wonder this poor dog even knows her name!).  Bogey is a seven year old rescue, and if you can guess her breed, please share it with me!  Bogey loves a good nap, and does not take kindly to being disturbed when she is in the middle of one!  Bogey loves to eat, but is picky!  She refuses to eat her vegetables, and will go as far as to pick them out of her food bowl, one by one (it is actually kind of an impressive feat to see!).  She loves to stir up trouble, and has mastered the “it wasn’t me” look, or so she thinks!  In our house, it is a pretty good guess that if it happened, Bogey was probably behind it!!  But, with that face, how could you ever stay mad???


So there you have it, the dogs of ESC!  Happy National dog day to each of them, and to all of your furry friends out there!



National Tooth Fairy Day Is Upon Us!!

Tomorrow is National Tooth Fairy Day.  Who knew?  But now that I have been made privy to this fact, I feel the need to honor the holiday.  In thinking about it, I don’t know that I ever had any real idea of what I believed the tooth fairy looked like when I was a kid.  I mean, I knew that when I lost a tooth, I would put it in the special tooth pillow, place it under my pillow at night, and in the morning I would have a bright shiny new quarter!  (This may be an indication as to how old I am…apparently the average going rate for a baby tooth these days is $3.70!).  But I digress.  The point is, I have no idea what the Tooth Fairy actually looks like!  I have seen depictions here and there in cartoons and books and movies, my favorite being the Tooth Fairy in The Santa Claus 2 (if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it…he is kind of hysterical!).

So I decided to do a little research.  Who is the Tooth Fairy?  Where did she (or he) come from?  Why in the world does she sneak into your room at night and trade you money for your useless old baby teeth?

I found an interesting article on the Website “Mental Floss” (http://mentalfloss.com/.  If you  have never visited the site, check it out.  I just discovered it yesterday and it is a smorgasbord of interesting facts and useless information).

Apparently, the Tooth Fairy is not just an American thing…countries all over the world have a tradition of some sort of character who comes along collecting the lost teeth of young children:

In Spain, and other Hispanic cultures, it is a mouse named Perez, who collects teeth from under children’s pillow in exchange for a small gift, which the child discovers the next morning.  The French also have a mouse, La Bonne Petite Souris, who leaves either money or sweets (I would imagine that most dentists are not a fan!).

In South Africa, instead of putting the tooth under the pillow, children leave it in their slipper (this is probably easier for parents, who don’t have to worry about waking their kiddo as they dig under their pillow to find a tiny tooth!).

A number of countries have a tradition of throwing the teeth, which I found quite interesting.  In the Middle East, children are encourage to throw their teeth up in the air, toward the sky.  In some Asian countries, children throw teeth lost from the bottom of the jaw onto the roof, and teeth from the upper part of the jaw onto the floor.  Sounds like a good time, if you aren’t the one sweeping up lost teeth from the floor.

My favorite, however, is Mongolia, where children wrap their teeth in fat and feed it to the dog, in hopes that the new incoming tooth will be as strong as the dog’s.  Now I have five dogs at home, and although I am sure they would appreciate the treat, I am not willing to allow the neighborhood children to come around feeding them their lost teeth!

So regardless of where you are from, take some time tomorrow and celebrate that lovely little fairy.  He (or she, or it!) deserves it…collecting the teeth of children around the world must be a thankless and tiring job for sure!